Welcome to the FIDE World Cup Perpetual Chess March Madness Style Pool! I decided I had to run this pool because bracket style selection pools and the FIDE World Cup are two of my favorite things! I actually tried to set this up on Sunday, but had a lot of trouble with the formatting on online bracket sites, 3 days and 1 round later, and I have found a way to do it via Excel/Google Drive! Not as fun as online automated scorekeeping, but we will do the best we can. :)

Before we get to the rules of the pool lets answer a few basic questions:

Why is the FIDE World Cup so awesome?

1) It gives exposure to many new players and often new stars are born

2) It is elimination style, which is way more fun than your traditional, staid round robin

3) It mixes time controls, matches frequently go to rapid and blitz playoffs, and they are intense! Find out more about the format here.

Where can you watch it ? So many choices! Chessbrah, Chess24, Chess.com, FIDE official site, you name it. Rounds are each day at 6 AM EST.

Tournaments like this are even more fun when you have a rooting interest, and by donating a small percentage of the pool’s revenue to US Chess Women, we actually can do some good while making the tournament more fun to watch! :)

Here are the Rules of the pool. I have tried to think of every major question that may come up, but if any questions arise clarifications, changes or additions will be added to this page.:

Cost: Pool costs $20. . ALL ENTRIES AND PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 9 AM EST on Friday, September 13 by 6 AM EST. Pay me on Paypal or Venmo. If paying via Paypal, please mark it as a payment “to a friend” so that a fee isn’t subtracted. Please attach a note to the paypal or venmo saying what name you used for the contest. I WILL MAKE ZERO EFFORT TO CHASE DOWN PAYMENTS, AND ANY ENTRIES SUBMITTED HERE WITHOUT ACCOMPANYING PAYMENT BY 9/13 at 6 AM EST DEADLINE WILL BE DISREGARDED!!

Scoring: With 6 remaining rounds in the FIDE World Cup, each round will be worth one more point than the prior round. The first round has already happened. The rest of the scoring works as follow: 2nd round a correct pick is worth 2 points, 3rd round 3 points, 4th round 4 points, 5th round 5 points, 6th rounds, 6 points), 7th round (correcly picking the champion) is worth 7 points. Beyond that there are no bonus points, and in the cases of ties prizes are split. I bear no responsibilities for any players picked who do not show up to their games, are forfeited for wearing shorts 😆 , etc. Whoever advances in each match in the eyes of FIDE is scored as the winner! When you enter and pay, I will try to send confirmation, and all entries will be shared on a google doc within a couple days. I will make every attempt to update the standings for all to see at the conclusion of each round.

Prizes: 95% of the prize pool will be paid out, and the remaining 5% will be donated to US Chess Women. Roughly 10% of entrants will receive prizes, i.e. if there are 40 entries, the payouts will be something like 1st- 50% 2nd- 25% 3rd 13% 4th- 7%. There will be no tiebreaks, in cases of ties the prizes will be added together and divided. Exact pay distribution will be announced via email once the number of entries is known.

To Enter:

  1. Download Excel/Google doc here. Type in your predicted results. . I copied and pasted the pairings/results from the FIDE World Cup Wikipedia page, and thats a good place to start for hyperlinks to research players.

  2. Email your completed bracket to bennyficial1@gmail.com with the subject line BRACKET. Once submitted and paid all entries are final.

  3. Send me $20 on Paypal or Venmo. Any entries received without payment by Friday morning, 9/13 at 6 AM EST will be disregarded. I will confirm entry and payment by 10 AM Friday, and will try to post all picks later in the day.

  4. Once the context is going I will send updates via group email and try to update standings after each round.



If you have a burning question, email me at bennyficial1@gmail.com

Good luck!