I am very excited to announce that at US Elementary Nationals, on May 12,  I will be recording 4 live episodes of Perpetual Chess!-

Update 5/15/2018- This was a lot of fun, thanks to the USCF for the opportunity!  

                                                       Click  here  for all the details via USCF. 

                                                      Click here for all the details via USCF. 

As you can see, I have great guests lined up, and we will have lots to talk about. :) The format will be the same as always, with some live questions sprinkled in addition to the usual casual conversation. The talks are all free, and spectators can come and go during the interviews. If you are going to Elementary Nationals or live near Nashville you should definitely come, watch, and say hi! Thanks to USCF for the exciting opportunity!