One of the many benefits of doing this podcast has been getting to know lots more people in the chess community. Despite that there is a lot of information about listening habits and demographics that would help me create a higher quality and more sustainable podcast. With that in mind, take this survey below, it takes less than 5 minutes and will help me improve the podcast. This survey is totally anonymous, so don't hold back on the critiques, and if you'd rather not answer any questions, leave 'em blank and keep going.  Thanks! 

First a bit about your listening habits...
How often do you listen to Perpetual Chess?
Typically, how much of each episode do you listen to?
Where do you typically listen to Perpetual Chess?
How did you discover Perpetual Chess?
For how long have you been listening to Perpetual Chess?
OK, lets talk Perpetual content...
OK, lets talk Perpetual content...
When I listen to Perpetual Chess it is important that I learn how to improve my chess game
When I listen to Perpetual Chess my primary goal is to learn more about the guest
I enjoy it when Ben and the guest discuss topics wholly unrelated to chess (TV shows/sports/poker/current events)
It is important to me that Perpetual guests are strong/titled players
Ben, it's time to change the Perpetual Chess Intro and Theme Music
Please share a few things you like or dislike about the show
What is your approximate chess rating strength? (FIDE/USCF)
How many live chess tournaments do you plan/hope to play in the next year?
Now some demographic info..
How old are you?
What is your gender?
What is your annual household income? (before taxes)
What country do you live in?
If outside the U.S. what country do you live in?
How many children under the age of 18 live in your household?
Have you ever considered donating to Perpetual Chess? (I am not asking for a donation here, just your donating philosophy)
Would you be interested in buying Perpetual Chess Merchandise? (t-shirts/coffee mugs/pens?)
Have you ever purchased something due to a podcast ad? (and product due to any podcast)
Which chess products do you or have you paid for in the past? (check all that apply)
Do you follow Ben on Social Media?