The Creation of Perpetual Chess



I love both chess and podcasts,  so I have been waiting for years for someone more qualified than I am to start an interview style chess podcast.  With none on the horizon, I finally decided to devote my time and resources to trying to create the podcast that the chess world needs.

 The mission of the Perpetual Chess Podcast is to let chess enthusiasts hear unfiltered interviews with the chess world’s many fascinating personalities.  I want chess players, educators, authors and promoters to have a place to tell us their life stories, promote their books and reveal the secrets of chess mastery (and grand mastery).

I think that , and other sites do an amazing job covering chess events and producing educational videos, but busy chess players like me need media to consume when away from their computers too. 

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As for me, I am a decent but flawed chess player (FIDE 2174).I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my wife and young kids. I am a chess teacher, and like many other chess educators,  I am doing my best to help popularize chess  and help kids improve at it. Theoretically, I'd also like to improve at chess myself, but I don't have a lot of time for tournaments or independent chess study these days. 

In previous lives I have taught chess in New York, been a professional poker player for 7 years, traded stocks independently for a while, and I even worked in an office job for two years after graduating from college! If you want to reach me, click here. If you want chess lessons in Pittsburgh or online  (and you aren't better than I am  at chess), check out my teaching page