The Story of Perpetual Chess



I launched the Perpetual Chess Podcast in December 2016 to help address a shortage of quality chess podcasts. I am a big fan of the medium, and I love chess, so the lack of audio-only chess content frustrated me and made it hard for me to consume chess content as a busy working parent.  

 I also felt that there was an abundance of quality educational chess content and excellent live event coverage on sites like  and, but there was not much information about the chess personalities playing in the events and presenting the material.  I wanted chess players, educators, authors and promoters to have a place to tell us their life stories, promote their books and reveal the secrets of chess mastery (and grand mastery).

2+ years later, I am gratified by the kind words and generous reception that the podcast has received from the chess community. I am having fun doing the podcast and feel fortunate to get to know more about some of the chess world's many brilliant and engaging personalities.

I am able to continue to find the time to produce Perpetual Chess due to the generous donations of the chess community. I am amazed and deeply appreciative that many listeners voluntarily send me a bit of money to help entertain and inform them with chess talk. Despite over 170 generous contributors, the podcast remains my least paying, but most gratifying and enjoyable work that I do.

As of writing in February 2019, Perpetual Chess episodes have now been downloaded over 500,000 times in over 100 different countries, speaking to the global reach of the royal game. 

If you would like to see the complete list of Perpetual Chess guests (somewhat casually sorted by category), click here.


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As for me, I am a decent but flawed chess player (FIDE 2150ish).In March 2018, I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Princeton, New Jersey with my wife and young kids. I am a chess teacher, with my focus primarily on after school chess programs and curriculum chess classes. If you are interested in after school chess programs around Central New Jersey check out my teaching page here

Like many other chess educators,  I am doing my best to popularize chess and help kids improve at it. I still enjoy competing in tournaments and studying to improve my game when I have the time, but that is not very often right now. 

In previous lives I have taught chess in New York, been a professional poker player for 7 years, traded stocks independently for a while, and I even worked in a office job for two years after graduating from Pomona College. I am always happy to hear from listeners so feel free to drop me a line here, holler at me on twitter , or join our Facebook group to discuss interviews, etc.