↑Here is the video I made for Patreon discussing why I now accept donations, for more info go here. ↑

Producing a podcast costs time and money. I have been grateful to receive some offers of donations in the past, so I set up a Perpetual Chess Patreon page to make it easy for anyone interested to support the podcast. 

As a bonus, anyone who donates at least $2 a month or $24 per year to the podcast will be part of an exclusive email list that notifies Perpetual Patrons of the guests in advance and gives them the opportunity to send in questions to ask the guests. 

If you prefer to donate to the podcast via one payment (instead of monthly, via patreon), you can do so via paypal

One more way to support the podcast is to buy books that guests have recommended through the website, or click on a link from the Perpetual Chess Books page, and then buy anything else from Amazon. Items are the same price for you, but I get a modest amount of the profit.