↑Here is the video I made for Patreon when I started accepting donations in fall of 2017, for more info go here. ↑

As I write this, in June of 2018, I am deeply gratified to have received donations from over 150 Perpetual Chess listeners. Producing a podcast costs time and money, and it would not be possible to consistently produce a quality show without the listener support that I receive. There is still a lot more I would like to do to improve Perpetual Chess, and with additional financial support, that becomes increasingly possible. 

As regular listeners likely know, anyone who donates at least $2 a month or $24 per year to the podcast becomes part of an exclusive email list that notifies them of the guests in advance and gives them the opportunity to send in questions to ask the guests. 

Anyone who donates at least $5 a month or $60 per year will also receive advance word of guests, plus they can have their name or business listed here,  plus on the podcast closing credits. 

  • The Perpetual Chess Patreon page makes it easy for anyone interested to support the podcast and find out about upcoming guests.  
  • If you prefer to donate to the podcast via one payment (instead of monthly, via patreon), you can do so via paypal

One more way to support the podcast is to buy books that guests have recommended through the website, or click on a link from the Perpetual Chess Books page, and then buy anything else from Amazon. Items are the same price for you, but I get a modest amount of the profit.