Episode 09- Grandmaster Ben Finegold

Photo courtesy of  US Chess Champs.com

Photo courtesy of US Chess Champs.com

GM Finegold has been a fixture on the American chess scene for decades. In this entertaining interview, Ben reflects on his time as resident Grandmaster at the St. Louis chess club and opines on America's young chess talents. Ben also discusses his recent move to Atlanta and reveals his plan to open a chess center in his new hometown. 

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Episode 08- Grandmaster Sam Shankland

Photo Courtesy of  Chessbase.com

Photo Courtesy of Chessbase.com

25 year old GM Sam Shankland is already one of United States' best chess players and he hopes to achieve even greater heights in the chess world. In this interview we discuss his Chess Olympiad successes, his study habits, his plans for 2017 and his interests away from the board. It was an honor to talk to Sam, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 

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Episode 06- International Master Christof Sielecki (aka Chess Explained)

IM Sielecki (Chess Explained on youtube) started competing in chess at the relatively late age of 13 and only recently turned chess teaching into a career. In this interview Sielecki shares freely about the beginnings of his chess playing life in central Germany, and traces the growth of his hugely popular and informative Youtube channel, which is nearing 25,000 subscribers.  Christof also discusses his chess philosophy and shares practical ideas of how to improve one's results. Follow him on twitter and check out his youtube channel here.

Photo Courtesy of  Youtube

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

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Episode 05- Grandmaster Simon Williams

Simon Williams (aka the Ginger GM) is an entertaining and original chess player, educator and personality. In this fun interview we discuss his background, the chess culture in England, and detail his transition from primarily playing chess to teaching chess online. We also talk about his travels, both to international chess tournaments and to local British pubs. To find more about him go to gingergm.com

Photo courtesy of  Hammersmith Chess Club  Webpage. 

Photo courtesy of Hammersmith Chess Club Webpage. 

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Episode 04- International Master-Elect Kostya Kavutskiy

Photo courtesy of  UsChess.org

Photo courtesy of UsChess.org

Fresh from earning his 3rd and final IM norm, Kostya joins the podcast to tell us about his initial introduction to chess as a young kid in  Los Angeles, and then about the event that rekindled his dormant interest in chess as a teenager.  We then discuss his ascendant career playing, teaching and writing about chess. You can read Kostya's writing on chess.com and in Chess Lifeand follow him here on twitter.

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Episode 02- Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson

In addition to being the funniest person in Germany, Jan Gustaffson is a pretty good chess player. He was once among the 100 highest rated players in the world and is widely respected for his vast opening knowledge.  He also co-founded the popular chess site chess24.com and frequently announces grandmaster tournaments, where he provides both humor and insight for top level games. In this interview we talk about his chess career, new fatherhood, and of course about American pop culture.

                             Photo courtesy of  chess.db.com

                             Photo courtesy of chess.db.com


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Episode 01- International Master Greg Shahade

Greg Shahade is an innovative and dedicated chess player, teacher and promoter. He is best known for founding the U.S. Chess School, the New York Masters, and the U.S. Chess League (now the Pro Chess League). In this episode we talk about these projects and others, as well as his sometimes controversial ideas to further popularize chess. If you would like to read his rants, check out his blog... http://www.gregshahade.com/

Photo courtesy of CrossFit

Photo courtesy of CrossFit

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