Episode 96- Cristobal Cervino (Adult Improver Series)

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Photo Courtesy of Cristobal Cervino

The Perpetual Chess Adult Improver Series charges onward this week with another inspiring tale of chess improvement. This week's guest, Candidate Master and economist Cristobal Cervino, wrote some popular blog posts detailing how he made a 170 ELO point jump (from 1935 to 2102) in a fifteen-month span a few years back. For background, you can read the posts that Cristobal wrote about his approach herehere and here. Cristobal and I discussed:

  • Why is calculation the most important thing to work on for club-level players? What resources did he utilize to improve at it?

  • How should one go about analyzing one's own chess games? How soon after playing should one analyze them? 

  • Why has he plateaued at around the 2100 level in the past few years? Does he have current aspirations of making another push forward? 

Cristobal was glad to share some of his favorite chess books and resources, both for chess improvement and for appreciation of chess history. Thanks so much to Cristobal for joining me. You can find him as "Kingzilla" on chess.com or chesstempo

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