Episode 71- Carol Meyer (USCF Executive Director ) and Mike Hoffpauir (President of USCF Board of Directors)

This weekend at the biggest annual scholastic chess tournament in the United States, the Elementary School National Championships, I was honored to interview US Chess Federation (USCF) Executive Director Carol Meyer, and the President of the US Chess Board of Directors, Mike Hoffpauir.  They both devote a big part of their lives to chess, and I think you will enjoy it as:

  • Carol and Mike both talk about their backgrounds and share how they became involved with the USCF
  • Carol discusses her vision for the USCF and discloses short-term and long-term plans that the organization is undertaking
  • Carol and Mike discuss the role that the USCF plays with an American competing in the upcoming World Chess Championship. 
  • Mike and Carol discuss some changes that they are implementing at future scholastic tournaments in light of a recent controversy. 

We also got some book recommendations and discussed the overall health of the USCF. Thanks to Carol and Mike for an insightful and fun interview.  



Photos courtesy of US Chess 

Photos courtesy of US Chess 

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