Episode 73- FM Sunil Weeramantry

                                    Photo Courtesy of the  National Scholastic Chess Foundation

                                    Photo Courtesy of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation

Today's guest on Perpetual Chess is renowned chess teacher and author, FM Sunil Weerumantry. Suniil and I recorded this interview live in Nashville, Sunil has been teaching chess in the New York area for more than 30 years and has coached more national scholastic champions than one can count. He is also the step dad of GM Hikaru Nakamura and his brother Asuka, both of whom broke many US Scholastic chess records.. Sunil and I discussed:

  • The great new book he co-authored with Alan Abrams and Robert McClellan called Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History. I highly recommend this book for chess teachers and chess history buffs. 
  • Sunil's story of growing up in Sri Lanka, making his way to New York, and becoming a chess teacher. 
  • What does one need to be "talented at chess"? Did he notice it in Hikaru and Asuka? 
  • Stories from travels with Hikaru and meeting chess legends

Thanks to Sunil for joining me. You can order his book here




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