Episode 90- IM V. Saravanan

Photo courtesy of IM  V. Saravanan

Photo courtesy of IM V. Saravanan

V. Saravanan is an International Master, a chess journalist and a voracious reader of chess books. Saravanan resides in Chennai, India, but joined me from St. Louis where he had just concluded covering the Sinquefield Cup for Chessbase. We discussed: 

  • IM Saravanan’s impression of the St. Louis Chess Club, and of the tournaments he had just witnessed.

  • Stories and impressions of Super GM Viswanathan Anand, whom he has known for decades. What makes Anand a special talent and person? Saravanan also shares broader perspective about the Indian chess boom.

  • Saravanan expounded on the incredible YouTube video he did, showing off his chess library to IM Sagar Shah. He rattled off a few more favorite chess books and shared his views regarding chess improvement.

Thanks to Saravanan for an entertaining and informative conversation. Follow him on twitter

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