Episode 141- Isaac Steincamp

Photo courtesy of Isaac Steincamp

Photo courtesy of Isaac Steincamp

Isaac Steincamp is only 22, but has already been quite busy making a name for himself in the chess world. He is an expert level chess player, and after recently graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, he has begun working at Chess.com as The Lead Solutions Architect. In  the past he has been a chess streamer, has made videos for ChessOpenngsExplained.com, and he founded Chess Summit. In our conversation, we talk about how Isaac got his new gig, what is going on at Chess.com, and Isaac’s chess improvement recommendations, both for his own game and for other players. Please read on for timestamps, links and more details. 

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0:00- Intro. We begin by discussing how Isaac ended up with the position of Lead Solutions Architect at Chess.com 

Referenced NM Sam Copeland, Aran S, Nick Barton 

9:00- As the Deputy Commissioner of the Pro Chess League, Isaac gives us a rundown of all that is going on with the Pro Chess League, including the Summer Series, which is winding down. 

Referenced The Pittsburgh Pawnsgrabbers, IM Greg Shahade, Reykjavik Puffins, IM John Bartholomew, Chessbrahs 

24:00- We dive deeper into the Fischer Random World Championship, which is a year long competition which begins on Chess.com and culminates in a live championship in Norway in October. 

27:00- We digress into a discussion of the 2019 FIDE World Cup, my favorite event on the 2019 Chess Calendar. Email me if you would like to run a World Cup Pool and I will help promote it. :) 

31:20- Chess improvement! A Patreon supporter of the podcast asks about the status of Isaac’s quest for the US Chess National Master Title. Why does he think he has plateaued of late?

Mentioned: GM Eugene Perelyshteyn, FM Gabe Petesch 

42:00- What has helped Isaac improve the most?

Referenced Endgame Essentials, 100 Chess Master Trade Secrets, Chess Structures, Chess.com Survival Mode, IM Hans Niemann, IM Casper Schoppen 

49:00- Another supporter of the podcast asks Isaac to share his views on the importance of “storyboarding” each game of chess. 

54:00- Goodbye! You can keep up with and contact Isaac via Twitter and His Chess.com account